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About Us

Leverage our expertise to manifest your vision. Our team of experts leverages their extensive experience and knowledge to create that will help you achieve your business goals.

The Logo

In the heart of every idea lies a pulse, a rhythm, a dream. At The Logo Legends, we're not just designing websites; we're crafting digital heartbeats.

Sculpted Designs, Seamless Experience

IMarrying artistry with technology, we shape experiences that captivate and connect. Every pixel paints a picture; every line tells your story.

Digital Echoes, Amplified Dreams

Dive into the digital arena with our tailored marketing strategies. We don’t just boost numbers, we amplify your brand's heartbeat. Make waves, leave imprints, be unforgettable.

Your dream, our canvas. Let’s paint the digital sky!

How We Work

Removing borders between Human and technology, making the world more mobile since 2017.

We have a responsibility to be the absolute best that we possibly can, going above and beyond to ensure that we say what we mean, and we do what we say.
Every time, without exceptions.

Our work Our work defines our passion. We grow with each project as it gives us an opportunity to grow and learn while serving our customers with the best Digital Design services possible. We take care of everything from initial Concepts to the final outcome of the products.

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A Partnership

We look at our client projects as a partnership and not a one-off transactional event, because we firmly believe that the best success is shared success.


Customized Solutions

No copy-paste template work here. We put together a comprehensive, customized solution that matches your EXACT needs.


Brand Cohesion

Our holistic approach takes your entire business ethos - your brand, your mission and vision, your goals - and transforms it into a cohesive digital journey



Whether you’re a small family business, a 3 person startup or a large fashion house, we have inherent flexibility to create a solution that fits your budget and time requirements.


Strength in Numbers

We have a large pool of designers, software architects, developers and testers (of varying experience and expertise) that we can utilize for any project.


Service Support

Throughout the LIME process, your dedicated Project Manager will keep you updated regularly, and is just a phone call or email away.

Discover the Stories of Our Delighted Clients

We consider each brand as our own, and treat customers like our family. Our logos are created entirely according to customer's brief and we strive to stand on their customers. The happy accolades here clearly show the love and satisfaction our valued customers hold for us.

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